Movie Sets I’m in love with…





atonement 1

atonement 2

atonement 4

atonement 3

Atonement. I love these muted florals.  I love the fabrics.  I love the feeling of these rooms.  Is that a needlepoint Aubusson rug?  And why can’t I find any of these vintage, fringed lampshades in the States (ebay)?  Is that an English thing?  And look!  There is a sweet beveled/etched mirror (my new obsession) on the vanity table.  Have you ever seen anything like this fireplace surround?  It’s the epitome of fancy/cozy.


testament of youth 1

Testament of Youth.  I can’t find any other pictures of her bedroom.  It was so lovely.  It had the same feeling as Keira Knightly’s bedroom in Atonement to me.  Muted florals, velvets, the caned bench.  LOVE.

testament of youth sweater

And this sweater!  I have to make one!  I just want to buy one a similar color and embroider it with yarn myself.  That sounds doable, right?

Atonement takes place during WW2 and Testament of Youth during WW1.  Isn’t it funny that the decor feels so similar?  I think it is all about the vintage wallpaper.  I think I need it in my half bath.  This past summer we had a leak and had to replace flooring in the powder room so we also put up a half wall of white bead board and a vintage light fixture at the same time.  I love it.  I painted the upper wall white…but I’m not loving it.  It is such a small space, I think vintage wallpaper would be just the thing.

Look at this wallpaper Rachel Ashwell used.  Look at this wallpaper from Lily Ashwell’s house.  Are they not so inspiring???  They all have the same feel that I am after.

vintage wallpaper 1

Look at this vintage wallpaper from ebay.  It feels just about right I think.  But it is hard to say since I am looking at the colors on a computer screen.  There are 8 yards total.  I have no idea if that is enough or not.  I will need to measure.  I’ve never hung wallpaper, let alone vintage wallpaper!  What do you think???


Sorry for the long absence!

Where have I been?

The last couple of years have flown by.  Well that may not be entirely accurate.  They have been filled to the brim with extra work…and that does make time go by faster, doesn’t it?  On Sept 1, 3013 my husband opened the doors to his garage in Gaithersburg.  He has kept his full time IT job and has managed to work some nights and every Saturday at the garage.  The first year was really tough.  He and his partners even redid the lobby and the bathroom themselves.  It looks amazing.  It is so clean and tidy (and well designed)!  Even the bathroom is clean and tidy…of a garage!  Can you believe it!?!?!?  Anyway, here we are now…two years in.

Looking back I can see I stopped posting on my blog almost exactly when the garage opened.  That is no coincidence.  I have been so busy running a household, taking care of three kids and a cat (Totoro passed away this summer and Squeezel is hanging in there with defective lungs).  Sometimes I have felt there is no time for me, my interests or even any fun at all.  That’s a little sad, right?  But…I don’t want to waste any more time complaining.  I have identified the problem and all I want to focus on now, is how to make things more fun.

My brother has helped me redo my blog (Thank you Uncle Fish!) and make it a lovely, inspiring and functional place again.  So it is now ready for new posts!

My friend and I fell into having an antique booth!  That’s fun.  Seriously fun, right?  So far, I have not been able to make much time for it though.  That is frustrating!  This has been a life long dream for me.  I need to make time for it, but how?  How do you prioritize something for you when your kids’ needs trump everything else?  I am really struggling with this.

Anyway, this blog is something for me.  It is all my own.  And I want to start posting regularly again.  Maybe I can post pics of things that I am selling at the booth?  And my current house and crochet projects?  And I will load some pics today and try to post some best of pics from the last couple of years <3



Downton Abbey Season 6 is back (in England of course)

downton-abbey mary                  Downton Abbey’ photo (Photo : Nick Briggs/Carnival Films 2014 for MASTERPIECE)

d79fd607396a9d3a6ceae79dbf500ddf DA Lavinia       From The World of Downton Abbey by Jessica Fellowes. Copyright © 2011 St. Martin’s Press, LLC.

Downton Abbey is such a favorite of mine.  The costumes never disappoint!  We have to wait until January to see it in The States :/

Do you like my new blog?  I think the make over is complete!  This is my first test post in a year <3


Have you seen Queen Margot?

queen margot 0


I am an absolute costume movie/period movie addict.  I just love looking at the clothes and sets of different time periods.  So I am super excited to see that Queen Margot, one of my top five period films of all time, is being re-released for it’s 20th anniversary with additional footage!  I read that they cut out a lot of the original French movie in order to make it more appealing to the American market.  They wanted this French movie to focus more on the love story for the American release.  Isn’t that sort of unexpected and interesting?  I have not seen the new version yet but I am dying to.  There are so many scenes that look like they are straight out of a Renaissance painting.  I’ll warn you now though.  It is an all around intense film.  The massacre and fighting is intense, Margot’s family is intense, and the French love scenes are intense (but not in a bad, cable tv way, in a way that they fit seamlessly into the movie and enhance the characters/story).  The film is based on the Alexandre Dumas book (written in 1845) that tells the story of the 1572  St Bartholomew’s Day Masacre.  I read the book after seeing the movie and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t impressed with the book (and I usually like classic books).  How often can you say that?  Actually, I often say that when it comes to period films.  I am so in love with the visual aspect of the film that I frequently don’t care if they have destroyed the story.  As long as they haven’t made a mess of the dialogue (I hate bad dialogue!).  I can usually roll with it when the costumes and set are worth it.  That’s terrible, right?  I have to say though that with Queen Margot, the story, casting, dialogue, costumes, and sets all work for me.  It is all so terrifying and beautiful and French.


queen margot 3


This blue dress kills me.  Literally.  I want one.


queen margot 4


Look at the hair jewelry/crown.  To die for.


Queen Margot !


This shot is amazing.  It looks like a painting to me.  The director goes for some extra long, still shots of some scenes so that you can appreciate the artwork of it all.


queen margot 5


Isabelle Adjani was 39 years old in this movie.  What?!?!?  I’m 39 now.   She is so lovely.  French women really do know something about beauty, don’t they?  It’s rather inspiring.


queen margot 6


Did I mention that Vincent Perez plays Margot’s love?  He is every bit as beautiful as she is.


I just realized something.  I think this is the film that truly began my obsession with period films, costumes, and fabric.  I was maybe 19 or 20 when Christian and I rented this on video.  I can remember watching it for the first time and rewinding it and re watching it immediately afterwards.  If you haven’t seen this movie, please do and tell me what you think!




Holy cow…the blog is functional again!

Hello friends!  Please excuse my year long absence.  I have missed posting to the blog so much over the last year.  My brother has been working hard to do all technical things to move my blog and update word press and fix all the broken bits that have made the comment section overrun with spam and countless other things.  It’s been like taming a secret garden.  We’ve been clearing out all the dead things and planting new, beautiful seeds that are the foundation of something solid and good, perhaps a business for me.  Anyway, we seemed to have lost about 2-3 months of posts from June to Sept of 2013, but without my brother’s help, I would have most likely lost everything.  So I am very thankful for everything he has salvaged.  I am so lost when it comes to the technicalities of having a blog.  It’s like Christopher is speaking to me in another language.  I swear he has to explain things to me 10 times before I grasp 10% of what he is saying!  But he has been patient and so kind to help me.  So, we are nearly there.  Sunday I hope to spend some time working on the design aspect of things with my husband and then this space will truly feel all fresh and new.  I can’t wait!


My new camera and blogging



So here is a lovely food pic taken with our new Nikon.  Everything looks better with the new camera even though it will be a long time before I feel confident using it.  I just learned today how to get the pics off that camera and onto my computer.  Yay.  I truly hope that this will be the start of better photos on my blog.  I’ve always liked photography.  I love to see Miss Mustard Seed’s (local blogger with nation wide attention) posts about her old pictures vs her new photography work.  Now she writes for magazines and HGTV and photographs all her own decor/DIY work.  And of course, the Yvestown blog has beautiful staging and photography.  Yvestown is my absolute favorite.  I want to copy all of her stuff.  Seriously.  Anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is that I missed blogging.  I am going to start posting once a week again.  I like keeping a record of what I do, what the children are doing etc.  It really helps me when I am able to look back at what I have accomplished.  So much of being a stay at home mom is about dishes and laundry and feeding my very hungry family.  But when I look back at the pictures from the last couple of months I feel proud that I was able to find ways to fit in some creative time.