My Christmas treats

Darling and I didn’t really do Christmas presents for each other this year…but at the last minute I ordered a few things that I have been wanting…it was too depressing not to have a few things for my stocking.  Most were inexpensive and came from Vitacost.  I tried the Jason Thin to Thick hair elixer last night.  I am going to try and use the elixer every other night since I am on my kick of washing my hair every other day.  Darling said it smelled like dryer sheets (a little intense).

I used the Jason shampoo and conditioner this am and then blew dry my hair.  It feels nice.  My hair usually can’t tolerate conditioner so this one seems pretty good so far.  Today is December 26th, I will take a hair pic on Jan 26th so I can monitor hair growth/thickness.  My hair is very fine and seems to grow pretty slowly in the Winter. I am also going to start the hair grow vitamins today.  I read a lot of reviews for hair/skin/nail vitamins.  These Maxi-Hair vitamins have a ton of positive reviews and they are a fabulous price (like $8 or something).

I have been on some heavy duty meds for Lyme for almost 6 months and my hair seems a bit thin (Can you see all the broken/short pieces around my face?).  The last month that I was on the meds my face was always breaking out in hives.  Even though I stopped taking them a few weeks ago I am still trying to get rid of the bumps on my face.   Another weird thing is that I have some new (new as in I noticed them about 4 months ago) brown spots on my face.   I was on doxycycline over the summer and I think it may have damaged my skin a bit (you are not supposed to go in the sun at all when you are on it and I was taking the kids to the pool everyday).  I have to try and figure something out for that.  Any ideas?  Anyway, I am off meds now and wanting to go on a big health kick!