056Working on finishing Mila’s waiting for you book, starting her Life book, and half way through putting together a picture album of her life in Korea with her foster family.

039$2 stool before.

043After:  covered with some vintage fabric I had on hand.



Before:  remember these pretty chairs I bought last year?


116WIP:  dinning room chairs.  They still need waxing and upholstery work but the painting is done!

DSC_0222I managed to finish one crocheted hanger as a gift.  Wow.  Not getting much done with crochet these days 🙁





I managed to wash all the slipcovers and pillows and rearrange the furniture in the front room while CME was in NYC last time.

195WIP:  copying the ultimate summer purse essentials.

summer bag essentialsI’m dying!  Is that inspiring or what?  From this blog.  I’ve still got a ways to go!

190Teacher gifts.  check.

120Berry picking with refrigerator, honey sauce/jam-ish.  Check 🙂

OH!  And we cleared out half the basemnet and had a garage sale and I made $500.  Yippie!  Did I mention I’ve been busy?  Lol