Holy cow…the blog is functional again!

Hello friends!  Please excuse my year long absence.  I have missed posting to the blog so much over the last year.  My brother has been working hard to do all technical things to move my blog and update word press and fix all the broken bits that have made the comment section overrun with spam and countless other things.  It’s been like taming a secret garden.  We’ve been clearing out all the dead things and planting new, beautiful seeds that are the foundation of something solid and good, perhaps a business for me.  Anyway, we seemed to have lost about 2-3 months of posts from June to Sept of 2013, but without my brother’s help, I would have most likely lost everything.  So I am very thankful for everything he has salvaged.  I am so lost when it comes to the technicalities of having a blog.  It’s like Christopher is speaking to me in another language.  I swear he has to explain things to me 10 times before I grasp 10% of what he is saying!  But he has been patient and so kind to help me.  So, we are nearly there.  Sunday I hope to spend some time working on the design aspect of things with my husband and then this space will truly feel all fresh and new.  I can’t wait!