Movie Sets I’m in love with…





atonement 1

atonement 2

atonement 4

atonement 3

Atonement. I love these muted florals.  I love the fabrics.  I love the feeling of these rooms.  Is that a needlepoint Aubusson rug?  And why can’t I find any of these vintage, fringed lampshades in the States (ebay)?  Is that an English thing?  And look!  There is a sweet beveled/etched mirror (my new obsession) on the vanity table.  Have you ever seen anything like this fireplace surround?  It’s the epitome of fancy/cozy.


testament of youth 1

Testament of Youth.  I can’t find any other pictures of her bedroom.  It was so lovely.  It had the same feeling as Keira Knightly’s bedroom in Atonement to me.  Muted florals, velvets, the caned bench.  LOVE.

testament of youth sweater

And this sweater!  I have to make one!  I just want to buy one a similar color and embroider it with yarn myself.  That sounds doable, right?

Atonement takes place during WW2 and Testament of Youth during WW1.  Isn’t it funny that the decor feels so similar?  I think it is all about the vintage wallpaper.  I think I need it in my half bath.  This past summer we had a leak and had to replace flooring in the powder room so we also put up a half wall of white bead board and a vintage light fixture at the same time.  I love it.  I painted the upper wall white…but I’m not loving it.  It is such a small space, I think vintage wallpaper would be just the thing.

Look at this wallpaper Rachel Ashwell used.  Look at this wallpaper from Lily Ashwell’s house.  Are they not so inspiring???  They all have the same feel that I am after.

vintage wallpaper 1

Look at this vintage wallpaper from ebay.  It feels just about right I think.  But it is hard to say since I am looking at the colors on a computer screen.  There are 8 yards total.  I have no idea if that is enough or not.  I will need to measure.  I’ve never hung wallpaper, let alone vintage wallpaper!  What do you think???



056Working on finishing Mila’s waiting for you book, starting her Life book, and half way through putting together a picture album of her life in Korea with her foster family.

039$2 stool before.

043After:  covered with some vintage fabric I had on hand.



Before:  remember these pretty chairs I bought last year?


116WIP:  dinning room chairs.  They still need waxing and upholstery work but the painting is done!

DSC_0222I managed to finish one crocheted hanger as a gift.  Wow.  Not getting much done with crochet these days 🙁





I managed to wash all the slipcovers and pillows and rearrange the furniture in the front room while CME was in NYC last time.

195WIP:  copying the ultimate summer purse essentials.

summer bag essentialsI’m dying!  Is that inspiring or what?  From this blog.  I’ve still got a ways to go!

190Teacher gifts.  check.

120Berry picking with refrigerator, honey sauce/jam-ish.  Check 🙂

OH!  And we cleared out half the basemnet and had a garage sale and I made $500.  Yippie!  Did I mention I’ve been busy?  Lol














Treats for me



Selina Lake’s new book Pretty Pastel Style is soooooo fun.



I ebayed this Cath Kidston cushion cover.  LOVE it.



I finally found Patio Cushions that work with my vintage patio set.  It took forever!  These are Smith and Hawkin from Target ($40 for each cushion was a bit pricey but not in comparison to having them made- $100/cushion maybe more depending on fabric).  The new umbrella ($67) is from Target as well.   It is so nice to get the back yard cleaned up and functional again.



Last Fall we pulled out the Iceberg Roses that constantly had black spot and planted disease resistant, Pink Baby Blanket Roses in their place.  This Spring we took a big load of back yard junk to the dump.  Planted a new lilac (my favorite), mulched, weeded and are working on putting in four 3×5 raised veggie boxes!   It is very exciting.  We have 3 trees to finish mulching in the back and then we move onto fixing the landscaping in the front of the house.  We are moving two Annabelle hydrangeas, a climbing hydrangea,  two peonies and a lilac to the back and putting in some boring bushes in their place.  The front of the house gets so very hot and dry in the summer that we decided to move the pretty plants around back so they won’t fry every July/August.



Thanks to my friend, Emily, I finally started some food storage to have on hand for emergencies.  The silver bags are grains, there are lots of beans/lentils, olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup and honey.  It’s actually pretty fun.  This week I am adding at least salt and pepper to the box…maybe more.


Tea party table





Why do they make children’s play tables so expensive?   I decided to make my own after seeing this one on the mali-mo blog.  Nora found this one for me at Unique for $15.  Before:







This is painted with left over paint from the front door.  I use this paint a lot.  I used it on the outside metal furniture too.  It’s a Sherwinn Williams color.  I want to say it is called Meander Blue.  I’ll have to look at one of my very first blog posts when we painted the front door!  Holy cow, I was right.  Meander Blue.  I copied this color from Miles Redd’s front door.  I considered doing some gold highlights on it (like the inspiration pic) but I don’t have any gold so I thought I would just live with it this way for a while and then decide about adding gold paint.  Anyway, I only have one child’s chair that fits it so I am on the look out for more at garage/rummage/flea sales this year…


IF…we can ever get healthy and I can make it out of the house to sales that is!  I came down with a sore throat yesterday and hoped it was only allergies.  Today I am sure it is something more.  Especially since Mila had a two day sneezing fit earlier this week.  Poor dear, I thought it was just allergies then too and kept dragging her out on our usual days adventures.  Miles and Liam both stayed home feeling unwell today.  February, March and April have just been this way.  But honestly, it’s this way every year for us.  Liam especially is frequently sick at this time of the year every year.  I’m not sure why.  **Note to myself**  Next Winter I need to start Liam on vitamin C, D, Probiotics and Fish Oil at the very least to boost his immune system for this time next year.   Anyway, I am resting up today so I won’t be sick for the weekend (I hope!).  I missed out on a rummage sale last night in Poolesville and one this morning in Walkersville (plus a fun play date for me and Mila).  Oh man!



Is this what Sundays look like at your house?  I think Monday was traditionally wash day.  My wash day starts Sunday and if I don’t get it all folded and put away that day, I have to look at it piled up in my room all week.  In fact, I have a cute bench at the bottom of my bed that is now called the “laundry bench.”  It is such a rarity to see it empty these days.



Laundry.  This was early in the day.  I probably did six more  loads by the end of the day.



I love my vintage laundry hanger.  I hang all of my clothes and most of Mila’s (they last much longer this way and are more easily consigned).  I don’t really want to see the laundry right in the middle of the upstairs hallway all the time though.  I have a laundry closet at the top of the stairs just opposite this laundry rack (I have a pic, but can’t post it again and I have no idea why that is happening.  This new add media feature on WordPress is a lot more finicky than the old way!).  I wish this house had a laundry room.  The way things are set up right now, all the laundry mess (and ironing board) is a permanent feature in my bedroom.



Remember this cabinet pic?   I haven’t decided if I want to repaint the inside or line the inside back with fabric.




I ordered this Cath Kidston oilcloth off of Etsy.  I’m in love with this print and the fact that it is oilcloth and can be wiped.  I have considered:  1.  putting it on my dinning chairs 2.  the top of my coffee table (like stretched over the top and stapled underneath) 3.  the top of my dinning table (the white Ikea one that the boys scratched up) 4.  making sofa arm covers with it 5.  covering the inside back of the green glass cabinet.  I love it so much I want to order it in other colors too.  I’m a little crazy sometimes.

laundry room inspiration


Look at this precious inspiration picture I found on Pinterest (from Homespun Living blog).  It’s just so sweet and simple.  She uses that table with wheels as an ironing board!  Brilliant.  Seriously.  AND that glass front cabinet looks just like mine, right?  My washer and dryer are side by side right now and I want to stack them like this.  I think it will give me a lot more storage stacked this way.  I can take the ironing board out of my room and get a cute table like this.  I also want to hang a bar across the top of the closet that I can hang stuff to dry on hangers.  I can use wicker baskets in there  to store clean laundry instead of in my room on the “laundry bench.”   I’m not sure where I can put my laundry hanger though.  I almost need a European laundry rack that I can pull down from the ceiling.

I wish I could tackle this project by myself, like today.  I always have so many projects in my mind that I want to get done and I really only have Christian’s help with these type of things for a few hours every other weekend or so.   Even then, the house stuff that needs to be done usually takes priority over projects I want to do.   It’s so frustrating.  I need to buy myself a paint sprayer (Like my friend Nora did).  And a few other tools of my own.  Then I could do a lot more projects by myself!


More Nesting




While Darling was gone for work last week, I rearranged my cookbooks again.  I threw all of my misc. papers/bills in this picnic basket (I’ll sort that part out later).  I decided to put the flower pots on the small ledge to prevent me from piling papers on there again.


I replaced these knobs again (I bought them at Homegoods.  All 8 glass knobs were purchased for $20).  The previous glass flower knobs broke immediately after installing them (just poor quality).  We haven’t had any pulls on this drawer in ages!   It is so nice to attend to small projects sometimes.

033While Christian was in NYC last week I also cleaned off this counter top.  I thought I had better take a picture of it because it may not last long.  I realized that since I am in the kitchen a ton and in particular standing at the sink, looking at a clean surface directly in front of me is wonderfully inspiring.  My mind feels a lot less cluttered.

044Did I show you this yet?  My disco ball (made from dismantling a spinning one from the basement).  I am copying Nester of course.  Not everyone is a fan of the disco ball.  But I don’t care.  I am loving it for now.  When the sun sets, I have magical polka dots all over the walls.  It makes me happy.

004Remember this lovely creamer and sugar bowl I got in the fall?  I just found the matching teapot ($12.99 at Homegoods).  Put a bird on it!  LOL.  Are you watching Portlandia?


I threw away my rusty bathroom garbage can (yay!) when I brought home this lovely ($20 at Homegoods).   It is glass and so lovely.



This is our new door mat from World Market (I think it was around $14 shipped).  It’s so happy.


I threw away our old, hot pink bath mat (the kitties had peed on it about a million times before Totoro was diagnosed with diabetes) and purchased two of these at Marshalls ($35 total).  I am so happy with them.  They really make the bathroom look a lot more put together.



Here was my one real splurge.  New sheets.  My favorite!  They are light blue with tiny white polka dots (Ralph Lauren from Homegoods).  They are so precious and mix and match with all my other linens so nicely.  I just couldn’t resist.  I’m seeing a pink and blue theme today!

I know it seems like I have been to Homegoods/shopping a lot lately.  I kind of have.  BUT these pictures are really from the last couple of months.  I am missing garage sales and flea markets right now.  When I go to Homegoods etc, I try to keep it to a minimum and only buy one item per trip, just my favorite thing.  Sometimes this is difficult to do but more frequently I walk out of there with nothing at all.  I always use cash that I have made from my afterschool care or dog walking (extra jobs) so I feel good about buying these treats.  I love working on my home and I often feel like it needs constant updating/replacing of small things that are worn out, rusty, broken or just gross.  Right now I am on the hunt for a new kitchen garbage can.  We didn’t buy a diaper geenie or anything for Mila when she cam home, we just used the regular trash can (it is 7+ years old anyhow).  So yeah…it needs replacing.   Yuk.

Today I did some paint touch ups on my pink sewing cabinet and Darling caulked/fixed the gaps in the crown molding in our bedroom.  He also finished the patches/painting from where we moved the sewing shelves!  YAY.  These were small projects that have a big effect when all done together in one room.