056Working on finishing Mila’s waiting for you book, starting her Life book, and half way through putting together a picture album of her life in Korea with her foster family.

039$2 stool before.

043After:  covered with some vintage fabric I had on hand.



Before:  remember these pretty chairs I bought last year?


116WIP:  dinning room chairs.  They still need waxing and upholstery work but the painting is done!

DSC_0222I managed to finish one crocheted hanger as a gift.  Wow.  Not getting much done with crochet these days 🙁





I managed to wash all the slipcovers and pillows and rearrange the furniture in the front room while CME was in NYC last time.

195WIP:  copying the ultimate summer purse essentials.

summer bag essentialsI’m dying!  Is that inspiring or what?  From this blog.  I’ve still got a ways to go!

190Teacher gifts.  check.

120Berry picking with refrigerator, honey sauce/jam-ish.  Check 🙂

OH!  And we cleared out half the basemnet and had a garage sale and I made $500.  Yippie!  Did I mention I’ve been busy?  Lol














In the Garden






We cleaned up the back yard this Spring and took a huge load to the recycle center and then we added theses four raised bed veggie boxes.  This was an unused area of our yard that was pretty much overrun with weeds.  I have planted herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and some flowers.  I have three blueberry plants that are still waiting to be planted (see them on the left?).  Next year I hope to have a full, beautiful, Potager Garden.


A very busy Springtime or why I haven’t posted in forever…



Miles’ eighth grade band performance.  Liam also had a fifth grade band performance…but we have no pictures of it for some reason?  Lol



Liam’s eleventh birthday.


DSC_0472Liam’s fifth grade graduation.  I wish I could show pics of Miles’ eighth grade grauation…BUT they had none!  Weird 🙁  Miles will be in High School in the fall, Liam in Middle School and Mila will start preschool!


Here is Mila being cute.  We also celebrated our family day in May.  Mila’s been home three years now!  Just a couple weeks now until her fourth birthday!