056Working on finishing Mila’s waiting for you book, starting her Life book, and half way through putting together a picture album of her life in Korea with her foster family.

039$2 stool before.

043After:  covered with some vintage fabric I had on hand.



Before:  remember these pretty chairs I bought last year?


116WIP:  dinning room chairs.  They still need waxing and upholstery work but the painting is done!

DSC_0222I managed to finish one crocheted hanger as a gift.  Wow.  Not getting much done with crochet these days 🙁





I managed to wash all the slipcovers and pillows and rearrange the furniture in the front room while CME was in NYC last time.

195WIP:  copying the ultimate summer purse essentials.

summer bag essentialsI’m dying!  Is that inspiring or what?  From this blog.  I’ve still got a ways to go!

190Teacher gifts.  check.

120Berry picking with refrigerator, honey sauce/jam-ish.  Check 🙂

OH!  And we cleared out half the basemnet and had a garage sale and I made $500.  Yippie!  Did I mention I’ve been busy?  Lol














Mixer lust

Here is the Kitchenaid (breast cancer awareness mixer) I have always wanted to replace my white one when it dies (It is about 14 years old now and still going strong, but it is the smallest, least powerful model).

Yesterday, my friend N asked me if I’d seen the new hot pink mixer.  WHAT?

This is called Raspberry Ice (it is also for breast cancer awareness).  The color is so pretty but it appears to be shiny metalic?  I have to see it in person.  I think it would be much cuter in flat raspberry.

What do you think?

PS  The comments section on my blog has been fixed!  I am getting a lot of posts from robots again…but I missed all the comments from friends/family…so please leave a comment!